In a Confusing World, You are the Solution

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The world can be a confusing place.  It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of others making decisions that have a direct impact on your life.  The people we put in positions of power so infrequently care for us that rely on them.

It can be infuriating.  But, here’s the deal.  You are the solution.

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Too many times we look for others to do for us, whether that be an employer, government, church, etc., when we should simply do for ourselves.

Take nativity scenes, for example.  Some people get upset that cities are no longer putting up nativity scenes.  Why get upset about that?  If every believer put up their own nativity scenes in their yards, the city’s version would be completely unnecessary.

If everyone does it, expresses their faith individually, the problem solves itself.

If you’re tired of bad leadership, then be the best leader in your family and with your children.  If everyone leads well, collectively we will no longer tolerate bad leadership and one of the multitudes of those living lives as good leaders will take their place.

If bad teachers are the problem, be the best teacher to your family and children.

If you heretical preachers are driving you nuts, then be the best example of your faith to those around you.  If everyone knows and lives the faith, they would no longer tolerate heresy or hypocrisy from their leadership.

If you think employers don’t appreciate you, be the best worker you can be.  They’ll either rise to your expectations or you’ll be able to take advantage of other opportunities that arise because of your commitment.

We need to stop complaining and start doing.  Stop relying on others and start blazing our own paths.

Be the best you can be to others and encourage them to do the same.  Redirect your anger and feelings of helplessness to concrete action in your lives.

Make better decisions.

Focus on long term goals.

Live your faith.

If we demand higher expectations of ourselves, those we rely on will have to do the same or be replaced by those who do.

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