Creating an Enticing Book Trailer

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Books aren’t like movies.  It’s end form is not a series of moving images, it’s a number of pages with words.  Unlike movies, you can’t pick the coolest scenes, edit them together and make a trailer.  You have to be more creative.

When movie trailers first came out, they were also called teasers.  And that’s the best name for a book trailer… a book teaser.

Unless you spend a lot of money hiring actors and making a mini-movie for your book trailer, you’ll have to be more creative and inventive.  A book teaser is bait dangling on a hook, hoping it will snag a potential reader and get them to check out the novel.

I think Kneel & Prey is a kick-ass, young adult thriller and I wanted the trailer to catch that feeling.  In the story, Gabby Wells hears rumors that one of her classmates may be planning to commit mass murder during her small town’s Fourth of July fireworks.  With that premise, we created a simple, but cool book trailer… I mean, teaser. 🙂

What do you think of this book teaser?  Does it make you want to check out the novel?  Let us know in the comments.

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