Podcast – Generosity & Female Ninjas

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Author Pete Bauer and Dorothea Bauer talk about the generosity of the independent publishing community, female ninjas and audio books.

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Topics Covered:

  • Independent Film Marketing Similar as Novels
  • Competing with your Competitors
  • Screenplays Collecting Dust
  • Podcast-Logo-v2-SmallKnowing your Audience
  • Generosity of Independent Authors
  • Hit and Miss Writing
  • Female Ninjas Everywhere
  • Audio for Indies
  • Immersive Approach
  • Casey Crime Photographer
  • Word of Promise Audio Bible
  • Changing Order of Books… Again

Show Notes Links:


  • Word of Promise courtesy of Thomas Nelson via Fair Use.
  • Casey Crime Photographer used to be owned by CBS.  I have no idea if they still own the rights or not.  But it is used via Fair Use.

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