Trusting the Journey

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God never seems to draw a straight line. I wish he did.  It’d sure make life a lot easier. The path I’ve been on in writing the Gabby Wells Thrillers is one of the most convoluted one could conceive.  Two years ago, almost to the day, I posted about this strange unfolding.  Back then I […]

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Don’t Let Pride Diminish Your Opportunities

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Many years ago I worked in television for a bit and, like everyone else, started out at the bottom. I was a runner/gopher for over a year.  That meant I had to feed the crews, get lunches, run errands, etc.  Some people may think that would be a waste of time or “below me,” but […]

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It Only Took Sixty-Three Drafts to Learn How to Write

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Writing can be a painful experience. I spent the majority of my life around, involved in and pursuing a life in film.  I studied it, I performed in it, I wrote for it, I directed it and I loved it.  Some of my work made it to Hollywood, but most was of the independent nature. […]

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From Screenplay to Novel

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The differences between a screenplay and a novel are equivalent to the differences between a blueprint and a finished building. Over time, screenplays have come to be structured in a very specific way so that each page equals approximately one minute of screen time.  And the three act screenplay structure, where major events happen at […]

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