Writing Evil

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I was writing a chapter in the fourth Gabby Wells novel, Gods & Martyrs, and, when I was done, was so disturbed by what I had written, I pushed the keyboard away in disgust. Creating characters is a tricky thing.  They end up taking on their own lives and making decisions you don’t want them […]

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Catholic, Reluctantly – Book Review

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There is a lot to like in Catholic, Reluctantly, however it is missing enough dramatic weight to make it memorable. This book, published by Chesterton Press, is the first in a series of young adult Catholic novels that revolves around the students and parents involved in creating a new Catholic school called John Paul II […]

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A Healthy Faith Journey

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The primary reason I am attracted to creating faith-based entertainment for young adults is because they have virtually no viable options that promote a healthy faith journey. Whether it be our Nikki & Babs DVD or our upcoming Gabby Wells novel series, I feel there is a growing need for young adult characters that are […]

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