Company Business – 2015

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Running a small business like Sonlight Press, LLC is a challenge. Getting your novels written and out to the public is even harder.  Putting those two together requires a bit of money and a lot of faith. Here’s where my money went this past year. They say Editing and Book Covers are the most important parts […]

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Paperback Rewards

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In a digital world, writing can sometimes feel like I’m moving ones and zeros in a virtual world where nothing is real.  Even when I’ve finished the book and output it into various ebook formats, it still doesn’t feel like I’ve completed my goal until I hold the paperback novel in my hand. This week […]

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Setting Expectations When Launching Your First Novel

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The dream of everyone that wants to be a writer is to draft the next great American novel, release it to public accolades and sit back while the money and notoriety roll in. There’s one word for that… fantasy. In today’s publishing climate, its never been easier to get your idea into novel form.  However, […]

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I Want it to Be Difficult

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Writing is hard.  Writing a series is harder.  Being successful as a writer is nearly impossible. And I love the challenge. I want it to be difficult, because then, only those most committed will make it.  And I’m committed. Sure, there are some things that also come into play… talent, luck, timing, communication skills, marketing […]

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Writing as a Business

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Whether you are independently published or traditionally published, the majority of the ownership for your success falls on your shoulders.  It is up to the author to write good stuff, build a fan base, establish beta readers and street teams and marketing plans. It’s why real writers treat writing as a business.  It’s where the […]

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Word Count, Novellas and Novels

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As I mentioned yesterday, I finished the first draft of the novella The Homecoming Incident.  As the first of five novellas as part of the Gabby Wells Chronicles novella series, I’m excited to get that first draft done. Today I started outlining the second novella in the series, tentatively titled Skyway.  I’m trying to decide […]

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Daily Writing Word Count – On Track

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I set a goal of writing 1500 words a day during Lent.  So far I have lived up to that goal. I’ve written over 10,000 words since last week on the first Gabby Wells prequel called The Homecoming Incident.  If things go well, I’ll be able to push myself and complete the first draft over […]

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Book Review – Write. Publish. Repeat.

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To be published or self-publish, that is the question. Since the advent of the ebook, a slow and constant paradigm shift has been occurring in the publishing world.  Much like how Napster and, later, ITunes changed the face of music, Amazon and the Kindle have changed the face of publishing. No longer do authors have […]

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Lenten Writing Goal

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1500 words a day.  That’s my goal. Having suffered with Crohns disease for 24 years it has created numerous limitations in my life, both in diet and activity.  So, whenever Lent rolls around, instead of removing a food from my already small list of approved options, I choose to add something to my spiritual plate. […]

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Helpful Links

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Want to start writing or publishing novels? There are a lot of great websites out there to help new writers learn from experts and for starting publishers to get a feel on the marketplace.  Here are a few that I’ve found helpful and the ones I visit most often. Alton Gansky – a successful Christian […]

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Trying to determine the best path for a new novel series is like trying to find your way through a wild jungle with only a pocket knife at your disposal. When we look at how best to release our Gabby Wells novel series, we have extensively researched, evaluated the marketplace and have come up with […]

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The Book of Jotham – Book Review

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The Book of Jotham, written by Arthur Powers, is a novella written from the perspective of a mentally challenged man-child who becomes a disciple of Christ. Jotham is cared for by Mary and others during Jesus’ ministry and his innocence gives him insight into Christ’s real identity. Some of the apostles question why God would […]

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Podcast 02 – Author Jeff Strand

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Jeff Strand, author of over 20 novels, including the highly successful Andrew Mayhem Series and A Bad Day for VooDoo shares his approach to his comedy-horror novels, the changes to distribution and his latest release, Dead Clown Barbecue. Many thanks to Jeff who suffered through a cold while recording the podcast.  He’s a trooper. Enjoy the […]

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Publishing Options

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Out of the plethora of publishing options available today, we’ve ranked three that fit the best. Our Gabby Wells novel series is about a teen sleuth who, along with solving mysteries, must also deal with the high demands of her faith.  These stories are not written in a preachy sort of way. Though most people […]

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