Trusting the Journey

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God never seems to draw a straight line. I wish he did.  It’d sure make life a lot easier. The path I’ve been on in writing the Gabby Wells Thrillers is one of the most convoluted one could conceive.  Two years ago, almost to the day, I posted about this strange unfolding.  Back then I […]

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It Only Took Sixty-Three Drafts to Learn How to Write

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Writing can be a painful experience. I spent the majority of my life around, involved in and pursuing a life in film.  I studied it, I performed in it, I wrote for it, I directed it and I loved it.  Some of my work made it to Hollywood, but most was of the independent nature. […]

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Some people will not be denied. I have known Jenni Gold for about 20 years now.  She and her husband Jeff Maynard have been fighting the good fight in Hollywood.  They’re good people trying to make good films in a tough and unforgiving environment. Jenni was struck with Muscular Dystrophy as a child, but she […]

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Man of Steel – Slave to the Story

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The latest incarnation of the Superman franchise, Man of Steel, does many things well and some other things poorly. The overall experience, however, is satisfying. There are **SPOILERS** in this post, so if you haven’t seen the film yet, take the necessary steps. When facing the blank page, the story tellers (David S. Goyer and […]

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Fingerprints from God

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I believe we are all born with God’s fingerprint on our souls. What do I mean by this? I mean that, I believe God imbues every single one of us with a gift, a talent that is solely ours. For some it is artistic, such as writing, painting or performing. For others, it is mathematic, […]

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