Paperback Rewards

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In a digital world, writing can sometimes feel like I’m moving ones and zeros in a virtual world where nothing is real.  Even when I’ve finished the book and output it into various ebook formats, it still doesn’t feel like I’ve completed my goal until I hold the paperback novel in my hand. This week […]

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Independent Publishing

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It’s time to dump the term “self-publishing.”  Lets call it what it really is, independent publishing. A decade ago, the only legitimate way to get your book to the masses was through the traditional publishing houses.  Sure, there were some print-on-demand options available, but the quality of those books suffered in comparison.  The marketplace also […]

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Publishing Options

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Out of the plethora of publishing options available today, we’ve ranked three that fit the best. Our Gabby Wells novel series is about a teen sleuth who, along with solving mysteries, must also deal with the high demands of her faith.  These stories are not written in a preachy sort of way. Though most people […]

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