MNINS: Season 2, Episode 5 – Taking Advantage of Your Teen Years

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Welcome to Season 2, Episode 5 of My Name Is Not Steve – The Podcast by Storytellers about Storytelling with People Not Named Steve. This time we talk about great teens in history and how to use your teen years to be great. Mobile Users Listen Here or Subscribe on ITunes In this episode: Satan […]

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The Book of Jotham – Book Review

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The Book of Jotham, written by Arthur Powers, is a novella written from the perspective of a mentally challenged man-child who becomes a disciple of Christ. Jotham is cared for by Mary and others during Jesus’ ministry and his innocence gives him insight into Christ’s real identity. Some of the apostles question why God would […]

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Awakening – Book Review

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Awakening, by Claudia Cangilla McAdam, is a marvelous book that expertly weaves many of the Bible accounts around the events of Good Friday into an enjoyable young adult novel. McAdam uses a simple and effective device to bring this ancient world to new life and does so with such wonderful invention and skill that you […]

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A Healthy Faith Journey

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The primary reason I am attracted to creating faith-based entertainment for young adults is because they have virtually no viable options that promote a healthy faith journey. Whether it be our Nikki & Babs DVD or our upcoming Gabby Wells novel series, I feel there is a growing need for young adult characters that are […]

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