2015 – Writing Year in Review

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This year was very much an overall representation of my creative life… big goals, almost realized, yet undermined by my health. I started out this year having published nothing. I had spent years learning, writing, re-writing and trashing most of my work. 2015 was the year things finally started to come together. I started this […]

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Writers, Get Out More

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Writing is often a lonely, isolating experience.  We usually find our quiet space, fill it with white noise or our favorite music, and write characters that exist in our minds before they do on paper. We spend a lot of time like that.  Too much, sometimes. The most valuable thing to me is my time.  […]

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Setting Expectations When Launching Your First Novel

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The dream of everyone that wants to be a writer is to draft the next great American novel, release it to public accolades and sit back while the money and notoriety roll in. There’s one word for that… fantasy. In today’s publishing climate, its never been easier to get your idea into novel form.  However, […]

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Kneel & Prey – The Proof is in the Proof

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It took eight years to get my original idea into a printed book.  Through three screenplays, two 13-episode television series scripts, two novels that were scrubbed and four novellas that were augmented, Kneel & Prey, the kick off of the Gabby Wells Thriller series, is finally complete. It was a long journey with far more […]

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Amazon – A Land of Opportunity?

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Amazon is like what America used to be. While listening to a recent debate about whether or not Amazon is good for readers, some heavy hitters on both sides of the argument discussed the pros and cons about the behemoth that is Amazon.  The arguments often strayed from the primary focus and, instead, postulated about […]

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Does Self-Publishing Diminish Quality Literature?

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There are many people who believe the glut of independently published works will diminish the quality of literature in the marketplace.  They argue that the traditional publishers are the ones who bring true literature to the world. Who cares? I don’t say that flippantly.  I say that practically. One could argue that television has never […]

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