Killing Your Darlings – Ending the My Name Is Not Steve Podcast

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In writing there’s a phrase called “killing your darlings” which means, sometimes you have to edit or cut things you adore from your manuscript in order to make the story better.

Ending our podcast My Name Is Not Steve is like that. I’ve loved doing this podcast with my daughter. It’s our third podcast together since 2008 and it’s been wonderful to chat with her about stories and storytelling.

My Name Is Not Steve was part of a larger business approach for me and my company.

  • If you just wanted to read the stories, I have the novels.
  • If you want to know about storytelling, I have the podcast.
  • And if you want to know about me, I have the blog.

The podcast listener ship has grown over the past year, but has not made headway in what has become an over saturated market of similar themed podcasts.

Therefore, instead of spending valuable time talking about material listeners can get elsewhere, I’ll be reinvesting that time in two new novel series, my Facebook author page, the blog (on which I will spend more time) and newsletters to my fans. We will still provide special audio shows with the release of each new book, but they won’t be part of the podcast itself.

So, thank you for all of your support during the life of My Name Is Not Steve.  It’s been great.

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