My Divine Launch Team

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Every writer needs help.  I’m banking on the saintly kind.

Any new business could use the assistance from a group of advisers that can guide them through the pitfalls and challenges they will face in their new endeavor.  Not only have I pursued that in our world, but the next.

I’ve enlisted the guidance from recognized Saints to help make our efforts a success.

My divine launch team consists of:halo2

  • Francis de Sales – the patron saint of writers
  • John Bosco – the patron saint of publishers
  • Homobonus – the patron saint of businessmen
  • John Baptist de la Salle – the patron saint of teachers of youth
  • Fulton Sheen – he’s not a saint yet, (but will be one day).  He had a great way of expressing the faith in an entertaining and meaningful way.

I’m counting on these fellas to help me do what I am supposed to do in a way that is meaningful and entertaining.  How can I lose with the help of these men who have already won?

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