MNINS: Season 01, Episode 8 – Kneel & Prey Special

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Welcome to the eighth episode of My Name Is Not Steve – The Podcast by Storytellers about Storytelling with People Not Named Steve.

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kneel and prey-revised4This episode we’re going to talk about the release Kneel & Prey, the first Gabby Wells Thriller.  It’s taken almost a decade to get from original idea to this first novel.  We share our journey, our mistakes and our successes that propelled this story from concept to finished novel.

Here’s the blurb on the back of the book:

In the small, quiet town of Safety Harbor, a disturbed mind was planning the unthinkable and Gabby Wells had to stop him.  Rumors were swirling that one of her classmates was planning to commit mass murder during the Fourth of July celebration and she had only hours to find him before he turned the crowded streets into a river of blood.

Whether the killer was driven by revenge or anger didn’t matter to her.  She had dealt with enough loss in her life already and the idea of watching her friends and family die at his hands shook her to the core.

Time was running out and he could be hiding in any one of the thousands of shadows every city tries to ignore.  She was willing to risk everything, even her own life, to keep the ones she loved safe.  If she failed, more than just bloodshed was at stake.  Gabby could very well lose her soul in the process and end up in hell… right next to her murderer.

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In this episode:

  • Launch Team
  • Not Publishing
  • The Trilogy
  • The TV Series
  • The Novels
  • Creating a Wow Product
  • The Novellas
  • Restarting x3
  • Book Covers & Branding
  • No One Cares About Your Limitations
  • Creating Page Turners
  • Character Foundation
  • Layering Faith

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