MNINS: Season 01, Episode 7 – Villains

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Welcome to the seventh episode of My Name Is Not Steve – The Podcast by Storytellers about Storytelling with People Not Named Steve. This time we talk about villains and how necessary they are to a successful story.

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My Name Is Not Steve is a bi-weekly-ish podcast where we talk about our experiences in the indie-publishing world, the entertainment world and the world in general. Thriller writer Pete Bauer and his daughter, Dorothea, marketing guru extraordinaire (no pressure), talk story, connecting with fans and embarrassing moments – we’re just hoping none of our books end up being one of those moments.

Who’s Steve? Not us. Author Pete Bauer has spent the majority of his life being called Steve for reasons unknown. His parents were the first to get his name wrong and the rest of the world followed soon after.

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In this episode:

  • Kneel & Prey Update – Proof Paperbacks
  • Sell More Book Show Podcast
  • Polishing Piles of Crap
  • The Bourne Movies – The Program
  • Star Wars – Darth Vader
  • Hunger Games – President Snow
  • The Nature of Power
  • The Professional – Gary Oldman
  • The Dark Knight – The Joker
  • Die Hard – Hans Gruber
  • Die F-ing Hard 2
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Captain Barbosa, The Commodore, and Davey Jones
  • North by Northwest – James Mason, Martin Landau and the Thug
  • Jaws – The Shark
  • Alien – The Alien
  • Toy Story – Evil Woody
  • Oceans 11 – Andy Garcia
  • Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull – Cate Blanchett
  • Casino Royale – Le Chiffre
  • Man of Steel – General Zod
  • Bully Pulpit
  • God vs. Satan
  • Spoiler Alert – The Wounded Victim Dies or Becomes the Villain
  • Happy Easter

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