MNINS: Season 01, Episode 01 – Identity

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We’re happy to announce our new podcast!  My Name Is Not SteveThe Podcast by Storytellers about Storytelling with People Not Named Steve

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My Name Is Not Steve is a bi-weekly-ish podcast where we talk about our experiences in the indie-publishing world, the entertainment world and the world in general. Thriller writer Pete Bauer and his daughter, Dorothea, marketing guru extraordinaire (no pressure), talk story, connecting with fans and embarrassing moments – we’re just hoping none of our books end up being one of those moments.

Who’s Steve? Not us. Author Pete Bauer has spent the majority of his life being called Steve for reasons unknown. His parents were the first to get his name wrong and the rest of the world followed soon after.

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In this episode:

  • Origin of the title My Name Is Not Steve
  • Gabby Wells Thrillers Update
  • Knowing Who You Are
  • Identity
  • Lug Nuts
  • Spoiler Alert – Naming the Assistant

2 Comments on “MNINS: Season 01, Episode 01 – Identity

  • Charles says:

    Sadly, all those car stories are true. I didn’t get AC in a car until Steve gave me his old Honda some time after 1998. That Honda was an automatic in which 2nd gear didn’t work so you had to rev fast enough in 1st gear to get it to skip 2nd gear and slide into 3rd. What kids are missing these days!

    • Sonlight Press says:

      I know. I heard a story about a teen driving an old car and didn’t know how to do anything because it wasn’t computerized. They didn’t know how to turn on the lights, because the cars now do it automatically. Or roll down a window. Etc. It goes along with another post I read that talked about how kids today don’t know how to fix anything because everything is made to be disposed of a few months later. Times have changed.

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