Off to the Beta Readers

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I’m relieved.

The first novel, Kneel & Prey, has been sent out to our first group of Beta Readers.  These readers will read the book and let us know of any outstanding issues with the plot, character or grammar that we missed.

Sending it off to Beta Readers is an important step.  It means you’re about two steps away from being published.  After all of the feedback, I’ll make the appropriate changes before sending it to an editor.  After that, it’ll get published.  Woohoo!

KAPI’m now working on finishing up the second novel, Lost & Found.  And, finally, I’ve made a decision on the third book.  It was originally going to be called Tears & Miracles, based on a novella idea.  But there wasn’t enough meat on the bone.  As I was mulling over story ideas, I realized a screenplay I wrote a decade ago had very similar bones to a Gabby Wells story.  So, I am going to base the plot of the third novel on that and place the Gabby Wells characters in it.  It will be called Keys & Kingdoms.

I’m hoping the Beta Readers will find areas I can flesh out to reach our 65,000 word goal with Kneel & Prey.  It shouldn’t be too difficult, as I tend to blaze through from beginning to end, and I look forward to their feedback.  I’ve also updated the word count chart to include the latest numbers and the name change to the third novel.

So, more writing, more editing and more beta reading.

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