Slowing My Writing Brain Down

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Readers love reading.

That’s something I have to remind myself.  I know what you’re saying.  I’m an idiot for not knowing that already.  I do know it.  I promise.

OddAs I mentioned before, coming from a screenwriting background, I am an impatient writer (and reader).  I want to get through the story and figure out how it turns out.  That’s why my first drafts are underwritten, sketched out with the barest of bones when it comes to character and setting.

In between finishing the first draft and rewriting the second, I took some time to reset my brain and devoured Dean Koontz’s Deeply Odd book.  It’s the sixth in the seven book series (not including the additional novellas) and I have enjoyed Odd Thomas’ journey.  When I read his books, my brain slows down and I am allowed to enjoy his use of words, his love of describing plants and trees, and, of course, the insane challenges facing Odd Thomas in each chapter.  Reading those novels resets my mind, putting it back into a healthy place to start writing again.

As I start on the second draft of Kneel & Prey, I must remind myself to slow down and, hopefully, craft a compelling story.  Eventually, this process will become second nature to me.  It’s part of the rewiring process of my brain.  Until then, I’ll continue to charge through the first draft, taking no prisoners, and then remind myself, once more…

Readers love reading.

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