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On this podcast author Pete Bauer and Sonlight Press marketing head Dorothea Bauer continue to talk about their latest findings as they hone their release strategy.

Running Time: 42:36

  • Congratulations Lynette Noni
  • Strategy History Recap
  • More Novellas, If Necessary
  • Has Fiction Lost Its Faith
  • Cultural Christianity vs. Religious Belief
  • Les Miserables
  • Crosby, Bergman, Priests and Nuns
  • Individual Faith Struggles
  • Shifting Focus Mainstream
  • Core Group to Street Team
  • Honoring the Teen Voice
  • Authorpreneur
  • Google Analytics and Authors
  • You as a Brand
  • The Online Wave Hasn’t Crashed Yet
  • Superheros
  • Being a Part of Something Greater
  • Hope
  • Martyrs
  • Faith Spectacles

Lynette Noni
Paul Elie – Has Fiction Lost Its Faith
CJ Lyons

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