Lenten Writing Goal

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1500 words a day.  That’s my goal.

Having suffered with Crohns disease for 24 years it has created numerous limitations in my life, both in diet and activity.  So, whenever Lent rolls around, instead of removing a food from my already small list of approved options, I choose to add something to my spiritual plate.

My Lenten sacrifice is usually my time.  I’ll add taking time to pray, to read the Bible and, this year, to write.  A lot.

My Lenten goal is to write 1500 words a day.  I think this is an appropriate Lenten sacrifice as the projects revolve around the Gabby Wells novels and novellas which focus on a character of faith.

I’ll keep track of my progress and update the website accordingly.


Currently, I have three things in progress:

Novel 1Water & Blood is in the polishing stage.  Beta readers are giving us feedback, we are making changes and will then send to an editor.

Novel 2 – the first draft was completed some time ago, but is in the process of being rewritten from scratch.  The plot won’t change, but my writing style has evolved since the first words on paper.

Chronicle 1The Homecoming Incident is the first novella in the Chronicle series.  The Chronicle series are novellas that involve Gabby and her friends prior to the events in the novel series and will be made available for free as a way to introduce the characters and their journey with little to no risk to consumers.  The current goal is to have five Chronicles in total.

It’s not always easy to come up with 1500 words a day.  Granted, I write more than that at work each day, but these 1500s are specifically for these projects.

It’s a lofty goal.  I hope I make it.

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