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We’d like to to welcome you to Sonlight Press.  Our goal is to create compelling stories that focus on characters of faith facing extraordinary circumstances that not only put their lives in jeopardy, but also their beliefs.

We call these the “Paul to St. Paul” conversion stories.  Like the Apostle Paul, his journey didn’t end with his conversion on the road to Damascus, that is where his story began.  Faced with opposition from those he was trying to convert and temptations that would steer him away from Christ, Paul worked daily to separate himself from this world and embrace the next on his path to holiness and, eventually, martyrdom.

We will tell similar modern day examples of this universal struggle to live one’s faith in a world openly hostile to it while trying, and sometimes failing, to walk the hard and narrow road.

Our first novel is Gabby Wells: Water & Blood, the first of a five-part novel series, about a high school student trying to solve her friends murder while being challenged by the high demands of her faith.

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