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Wounds, by long time, successful Christian author Alton Gansky, delves into the victims of a serial killer whose motive is evil and whose crimes are biblical.

woundsGansky’s approaches the subject matter in a way I love, not as Christian fiction, per se, but as a book that has characters who are actively Christian.

This is a big difference to me.

In my experience, Christian fiction novels tend to be preachy and geared specifically toward Christian fans, where fiction with Christian characters are just good stories that includes characters who happen to have a strong faith.

Due to this successful approach, Wounds would be enjoyable by Christians and non-Christians alike.

In the story we follow detective Carmen Rainmondi, who leads the team of San Diego police working to catch the killer, while still struggling with the on-going emotional toll of the murder of her sister years earlier.  When one of the first victims turns out to be a local seminary student, she crosses paths with Dr. Ellis Poe, a frail, reclusive man who not only can help the police make connections to the serial killer”s motives, but also has insight into the death of Rainmondi’s sister.

Gansky’s novel moves relatively quickly and the author does a great job of bringing us into each scene and location through the type of detailed descriptions that can only come from someone who has been there.  The title, Wounds, not only refers to the marks on the victims, but the hidden damage the main characters each possess that have helped shape them into the people they are today.

The book is an easy and enjoyable read.  Devout Christians may connect the dots sooner than non-believers, but that doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of the storytelling.

Wounds is a good read for anyone the fan of crime drama, either Christian or not.

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