A Healthy Faith Journey

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The primary reason I am attracted to creating faith-based entertainment for young adults is because they have virtually no viable options that promote a healthy faith journey.

Whether it be our Nikki & Babs DVD or our upcoming Gabby Wells novel series, I feel there is a growing need for young adult characters that are faced with the same moral challenges of the readers and who have incorporated their faith journey as an important part of their lives.


Nearly all entertainment geared at young adults promote decisions and life styles that are in complete opposition to church teachings. They confuse lust for love and focus on the lustful stages of a relationship, but quickly abandon it when the “heat” wears off.  They promote indulgence and self-gratification.  They promote materialism and pettiness.  They promote deceit and vanity.

I’m no fool.  All of those things exist.  And all of those things will be faced by a young adult today. But, instead of pushing them to embrace their own selfishness, I create characters that openly struggle with trying to overcome those tendencies, to try and live a holy life in a corrupt and fallen world.

Like the reader, these characters will not always make the right decisions.  They will struggle with selective morality when their faith calling gets too difficult or inconvenient or in the way of their immediate goals.

However, unlike TV and films and most books, our characters brush off their sinfulness and try again, never losing sight of the end goal, entry into Heaven.

Unlike angels, we were not created complete.  We were created to learn and grown, which means we will try and fail.  A faith journey is a life-long process that requires dedication, consistency and filling your life with people and things that help you grow in a healthy way.

We hope the Gabby Wells novel series can be one of those things that help you in your own faith journey.

What other forms of entertainment have helped you in your faith journey?  Let us know in the comments section.

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